do I need to format this new external drive

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Fri Feb 8 15:13:37 UTC 2008

Another 'silly' question ... as I'm going to buy a new external hard drive.
Does it matter which one I'll choose? For example, I'd like to buy something
like this

And now ... I think that it will be useful for me to have ext3 format for
backuping my files from Ubuntu, as well as another format - for having my
media files to play them on a DVD player. Which format have I to choose?
And at the end ... a very newbie question: how to format an external disk?
Please, do not judge me to much for that :) I didn't do till now anything
like that and I'm not sure if I will make it right :(

2008/1/15, NoOp <glgxg at>:
> On 01/14/2008 06:19 PM, Liam Proven wrote:
> >
> > Depends. Do you want to preserve things like permissions when copying
> > onto the drive?
> >
> > If it's >2GB, it won't be FAT16, it will be FAT32, which is actually a
> > reasonably efficient, fast FS with good long name support. You can
> > back up onto it using DAR, say. Leaving it FAT32 will mean that it's
> > also accessible from Windows, a Mac or almost anything else, which
> > might be an advantage.
> Unless of course you want to save files larger than 4Gb (such as an
> Ubuntu DVD). In that case you'll want to use NTFS instead.
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