again: continuous keyboard input problem

Bram Kuijper a.l.w.kuijper at
Fri Feb 8 12:14:27 UTC 2008

Hi all,

since a couple of days, I have the problem that at a certain random
moment, my keyboard appears to hang: it starts sending continuous cursor
input to the stdin and never stops with that. The problem only happens
with navigational keys, so I get a continuous stream of "up" or "down".

If I plug out (and replug) the keyboard, this doesn't stop the input. I
am forced to either reboot Xorg or reboot the whole OS. I would suspect
if it is the keyboard itself causing the problem, it would stop as soon
as I plug the keyboard out. However, the input continues when the
keyboard is plugged out.

If I look at my Xorg log, I cannot find anything suspicuous pointing me
at an error: see my Xorg.log on pastebin:
there are notifications though, of xf86UnbindGARTMemory, unbind key 8,
but I don't know what this exactly means.

Anybody any ideas where I should look to find the root of the problem?


PS: is there any way to reboot a `keyboard daemon' without having to
reboot my whole Xorg? This might save me a lot of trouble.

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