Are all Ubuntu IDE drives now sda?

James Takac p3nndrag0n at
Fri Feb 8 00:50:59 UTC 2008

On Friday 08 February 2008 10:36:21 Larry Alkoff wrote:
> I've put together a Ubuntu Server edition 7.10 using a single PATA IDE
> (not SATA) drive.
> In /etc/fstab, I specify the drives with their ssid.
> On bootup, the system is calling the partitions sda1 and sda5 (root and
> home).
> So my question is, has Ubuntu given up the old HDA nomenclature in favor
> of SDA in all cases of PATA and SATA drives?
> Larry

Hi Larry

I believe it was switched to this method at some point during feisty


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