Getting Skype webcam working

Karl Larsen k5di at
Thu Feb 7 13:23:01 UTC 2008

    I use Skype which is an application that will let you talk with 
another person and send a still picture of your choice and a current 
webcam streaming vidieo if desired over the Internet. My Skpe is version and it is a non-free software.

    My computer is using the fully updated Ubuntu 7.16 and so far here 
is how Skype is working. It is doing audio just fine because Ubuntu does 
not have pulse audio. I hope this remains the case. But the video part 
is not working both ways. I can see video from other people just fine. 
But no video from a camera on my system goes to other people.

    The camera I own is made in China by Logitek and is called a PC 
Camera VUAS14. It has a USB plug and when plugged into Windows XT it 
works just fine.

    When I plug the camera into my Ubuntu Linux computer I see some hard 
drive action as if a file(s) are being written. But looking at Options - 
Video Devices on Skype shows "No devices found". I have got Ekiga loaded 
and it also has a vidio test method and it does not find a device either.

    What I need to know is what error files and what device files can I 
check to see why the camera I own does not work. Also if someone has 
Skype working with a webcam I would like to know what model of webcam it 

    It is clear Skype and Ekiga expect to see a webcam but mine is not 
seen for some reason.



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