Putting an old server to good use

alex mail at nabu.be
Wed Feb 6 21:02:33 UTC 2008

Would I be able to use it as a standalone server? Or would it have to be 
deployed as a thin client with local storage capabilities? (by this I 
mean -> load the initfs through another computer and simply mount the flash)
I ask because I'm not sure if it would be supported by ubuntu to 
actually boot off of this flash. (don't even know if my bios would allow 
me to use at as a primary boot device)

Sean Carolan wrote:
>> I have a brand new computer on which I work, but I would like to keep
>> the server programs like svn/... on a seperate server. I was possibly
>> considering making a thin client of the server, but not sure if this a
>> good way to go. Does anyone else have any good ideas as to how I can
>> keep using the old machine as a server without investing in ATA drives?
> Get an IDE-to-CompactFlash adapter and a 4gb flash card.  then you can
> use it as a thin client, router, or whatever you wish.

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