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Wed Feb 6 20:54:25 UTC 2008

    Here is what worked for me. Thanks NoOp for the java web page where 
you can test your web browser for function. I went to that page and 
found it needed a thing so I can use java. It asked me which version and 
I told it re1.6 which I know I installed. It then got Ubuntu to install 
a special plugin to my Firefox which took a minute or two. Then the page 
came back on and the little clown was jumping around telling me java is 

    The web page is:

So this fixed my system and it will fix yours if you need it.


NoOp wrote:
> On 02/06/2008 09:03 AM, Wulfy wrote:
>> Douglas Drumond wrote:
>>> Install sun-java6-plugin.
>>> After that run
>>> sudo update-alternatives --config java
>>> and choose your Java environment.
>>> I think you can do just sudo update-alternatives --config javap
>>> to choose what java plugin to use, but I'm not sure.
>> There's also;
>> sudo update-java-alternatives
>> to do an all-in-one choice for java...  I use the '-a' auto option, but 
>> I only have java6 installed...  the '-l' (lower-case L not one) option 
>> gives a list of possible java environments to choose.
> And if all else fails...
> Create a plugins folder in ./mozilla (./mozilla/plugins) and keep all of
> your plugins there. To use java, create a link to the
> lib:
> cd /home/<username>/.mozilla/plugins
> ln -s
> /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-
> ./
> Note: 'ln -s' to the last ./ is all one line. There
> is a space between ns7/ and ./
> *Do not* copy the actual lib to the
> .mozilla/plugins directory - if you do FF will crash when you try to run
> a Java app.
> Firefox will pick up the plugin next time that you start it. You can
> verify 2 ways: 1) enter 'about:plugins' in the url toolbar and then look
> for the Java plugin, 2) go to
> and verify (requires that cookies & java be turned on).
> The advantage of keeping your plugins in the .mozilla/plugins directory
> is that you can easily change, modify, or check in one single location.
> Further, if you graduate to SeaMonkey, SM (and other mozilla apps) will
> use the plugins in that directory as well.


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