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John Bowden j-alan at
Tue Feb 5 22:18:09 UTC 2008

On Saturday 02 February 2008 03:43:57 Willis Taylor wrote:
> Ed Greshko wrote:
> > Willis Taylor wrote:
> >> I have Three computers on my LAN.  The one I'm on right now is my test
> >> bed and it is running Ubuntu 7.10.  It is connected to my 2Wire
> >> Router/modem, mod. 1000SW via NIC thru a Cat5e.  This is unit number 2.
> >> Unit number 3 is running on WindowsXP connected to the 2Wire via a Home
> >> Phone Network Adapter that plugs to the computer in the USB ports.
> >>
> >> Unit number 1 is a problem.  It is presently on a dual boot system with
> >> Kubuntu and Windows XP.  Unit number one is connected to the 2Wire via
> >> the only Usb port on the 1000SW 2Wire modem/ router.  If I boot the unit
> >> #1in Windows XP all three computers connect to the internet, at the same
> >> time, and they communicate via the LAN.  If I boot unit #1 in Kubuntu,
> >> it will not communicate with any other device.
> >
> > (snip)
> >
> >> I went first to the Ubuntu list and everyone centered on the device not
> >> being suitable for the task I wish to accomplish but ith the system
> >> working perfectly with computer #1 booted in Windows I just fail to see
> >> that as a valid statement.  And when I was asked to post the lsusb
> >> results everyone just fell silent.  Please help, I do not want to
> >> operate Windows any more.
> >
> > Actually, after reading this post as well as your previous post, it is
> > clear that the device you are attempting to use will not function as you
> > desire. That is why the list fell silent as you refused to accept
> > reality.
> >
> > I could try to explain it to you...but I fear you will find the
> > explanation "unpalatable".
> >
> > Just to give you a "taste"...  The use of lsusb will only indicate that
> > the system is able to connect with the hardware and based on USB
> > standards it will be able to detect what hardware is present.  It has
> > *absolutely* no bearing on whether the OS will know what to do with the
> > hardware or be able to talk with it.
> >
> > I know you don't want to use windows...and probably won't listen to me or
> > anyone that conflicts with your views.  However, the only way for your
> > Ubuntu Box...or any other Linux box to converse with your 2wire router is
> > via ethernet *not* USB.  The other choice is to attempt to use the
> > Windows drivers and ndiswrapper...but others have failed in that
> > endeavor.
> >
> > I can enlighten you on the details, if your wish, or you can continue to
> > blow me and others off.  Your choice.
> >
> > Ed
> >
> > (FWIW, I could send you my resume and maybe you'd give my input some
> > credence.)
> It's true that I did not like it but I did listen and I put the other
> modem in place but I no sooner set it up to connect with my server than
> it failed.
> I'm down to learning how to put a router? in between the #1 & #2
> computers and then connecting it to the ethernet connection on the
> Modem/Router or I'll need to purchase a Wireless card to connect the #1
> computer to the 2Wire.  I have looked on ebay and it looks like I can
> pick up a PCI Wireless 802.11g for less than 20 dollars and I'll likely
> go that way because I just have no idea how to put a four port into the
> system and set it up.
> So thank you to each and everyone of you.  I apologize for being such a
> problem.  I'll try to research this 4 port deal but if I fail to learn
> that I'll likeky go with the wireless pci card.

Hi Willis. The simplest solution would be to get a 4 0r more port switch 
(about£10/15 in the UK). connect port 1 uf the switch with the 2wire router 
with a network cable  (Cat5), then use network cables on each of the PC's to 
connect to the other ports on the switch. Tell each PC to ask the 2wire 
router for its IP address and set up the 2wire to dish out IP's. You can 
still use the 2wires wireless capabilities for laptops or what ever.
This is similar to my set up except I have a 24 port 1u rack mount switch that 
connects 1 windoz xp machine and multiple linux machines, (Ubuntu, Mandriva 
Debian ans Solaris).
If you choose a auto sensing switch, which most seem to be these days you 
won't even have to worry weather the network cable is across over or straight 
though as the switch will auto sense and adjust to what ever the cable 
Oh I have set encryption on for my 2wire wireless so my laptop has to provide 
the correct key.

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