Router/hub Q

NoOp glgxg at
Wed Feb 6 04:50:00 UTC 2008

On 02/05/2008 03:53 PM, James Takac wrote:
> Hi Guys
> I'm experiencing some probs with my netgear router. That is I assume the 
> router is the prob. Basically I can access the net from any computer 
> connected to the router but I can no longer get any of my pc's seeing each 
> other. Ubuntu to Ubuntu or WinXp to Ubuntu makes no difference there. Also it 
> has a nasty habit of freezing on me from time to time so I suspect it's on 
> the way out. Likely damaged by the last descent storm to hit my area while I 
> was at work. What I'm wondering is, is it just as feasable to connect a multi 
> port hub and a single port dsl modem as it is another multi port router? My 
> understanding is that it should do the same job
> James

I use old linksys 5 port hubs behind a router w/firewall and they work
just fine. No setup/configuration required, just plug them in and go.
Just make sure that if you eliminate the router that you do have a
firewall of sorts between the hub and the internet. You can create one
with an old PC, or in a pinch use firestarter on the linux pc's, but I
wouldn't trust the WinXP pc without an actual hardware NAT w/firewall in
front of it.

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