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Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Tue Feb 5 22:52:02 UTC 2008

Alfred JILKA wrote:
> got a short question, which hopefully does not require a too long answer:
> whenever I connect my DV-camera the device-file is recreated with 
> permissions 755.
> This is not sufficient for Kino to import data from there. 
    If your device file is in the /dev directory I know how to fix the 
permissions and odd that they are not root.

    I have a camera with a USB plug and when I plug it in I see the hard 
drive light flicker. I know something is being done. What is the device 
name you are seeing. I want to see if my camera is there too.


> Therefore I 
> have to change them
> over and over again to 777 (775 might also do, but I still need to sudo 
> chmod ...)
> Now the question:  what can be done, so that either the file remains or 
> is recreated with
> 777 permissions ?
> TIA, Alfred


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