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Tue Feb 5 21:16:57 UTC 2008

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Joel Goguen wrote:
> On Tue, 5 Feb 2008 21:07:58 +0100, Nils <n.bruenggel at> wrote:
>> Dear all
>> Today I tried out the Alpha 4 of Hardy and was quite disappointed that
>> it still ships with nm 6.5.
>> I had a lot of trouble with it, especially in WLANs with WPA
>> enterprise. It also seems that there are plenty of bugs in it. Network
>> Manager is essential to be able to work, unlike for example compiz,
>> which is nice to have. Of course you can also connect to all wlans
>> using the cli, wpa_supplicant, dhclient, etc, but this is IMHO a waste
>> of time.
>> Since there are some reports of how much nm 0.7 will improve [1] the
>> situation, I was hoping that Hardy will come with it. I would like to
>> know what the Ubuntu dev team does to improve the situation.
>> Regards
>> Nils
>> [1]
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> I have had no end of trouble trying to get NM 0.7 working in Ubuntu, and
> even Fedora's claim to ship with NM 0.7 is only partially true.  Having
> used it, it looks like they've just got 0.6.5 with some extra features that
> don't really do a whole lot (unless of course you have VPN connections to
> manage, then they've got something good for you).  NM 0.6.5 OTOH has been
> smooth, never failed to work properly.  Except of course when I hit the
> switch for my wireless card, but you can't blame NM for user stupidity :)
Gutsy with NM 0.6.5 doesn't work well enough for WPA2-Ent./TLS
connections, i.e. it will finally connect after several attempts, but
every time it asks for the same credentials (and there is quite a bit of
them for WPA2-E/TLS). Applying a patch to nm-applet seems to help.
However it's not something that I can be put into connection
instructions for regular users.

Fedora 8/NM 0.7 (with updates) works "out of the box" as far as
connecting to WPA2-Ent./TLS, reusing saved credentials etc.

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