Removing manually installed software

Mario Spinthiras mspinthiras at
Tue Feb 5 16:45:27 UTC 2008

If your makefile does not contain a target for uninstall then you will have
to dig about on your own. A good start will be to naturally divide the
default folders in your system with the ones installed : e.g

You have: /usr/local/bin by default
and you might have /usr/local/share/bin

A nice way to check old files is via the find command. to check timestamps
you can do a "find . -mtime 0" . This will display files that have modified
in the last X days. if you increment 0 by 1 you will increase time stamp
modification check by 24 hour increments 1 unit = 24 hours.

Just a clever way to get started if your tidying up by hand.

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