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Sat Feb 2 03:43:57 UTC 2008

Ed Greshko wrote:
> Willis Taylor wrote:
>> I have Three computers on my LAN.  The one I'm on right now is my test 
>> bed and it is running Ubuntu 7.10.  It is connected to my 2Wire 
>> Router/modem, mod. 1000SW via NIC thru a Cat5e.  This is unit number 2.  
>> Unit number 3 is running on WindowsXP connected to the 2Wire via a Home 
>> Phone Network Adapter that plugs to the computer in the USB ports. 
>> Unit number 1 is a problem.  It is presently on a dual boot system with 
>> Kubuntu and Windows XP.  Unit number one is connected to the 2Wire via 
>> the only Usb port on the 1000SW 2Wire modem/ router.  If I boot the unit 
>> #1in Windows XP all three computers connect to the internet, at the same 
>> time, and they communicate via the LAN.  If I boot unit #1 in Kubuntu, 
>> it will not communicate with any other device.
> (snip)
>> I went first to the Ubuntu list and everyone centered on the device not 
>> being suitable for the task I wish to accomplish but ith the system 
>> working perfectly with computer #1 booted in Windows I just fail to see 
>> that as a valid statement.  And when I was asked to post the lsusb 
>> results everyone just fell silent.  Please help, I do not want to 
>> operate Windows any more.
> Actually, after reading this post as well as your previous post, it is clear 
> that the device you are attempting to use will not function as you desire. 
> That is why the list fell silent as you refused to accept reality.
> I could try to explain it to you...but I fear you will find the explanation 
> "unpalatable".
> Just to give you a "taste"...  The use of lsusb will only indicate that the 
> system is able to connect with the hardware and based on USB standards it 
> will be able to detect what hardware is present.  It has *absolutely* no 
> bearing on whether the OS will know what to do with the hardware or be able 
> to talk with it.
> I know you don't want to use windows...and probably won't listen to me or 
> anyone that conflicts with your views.  However, the only way for your 
> Ubuntu Box...or any other Linux box to converse with your 2wire router is 
> via ethernet *not* USB.  The other choice is to attempt to use the Windows 
> drivers and ndiswrapper...but others have failed in that endeavor.
> I can enlighten you on the details, if your wish, or you can continue to 
> blow me and others off.  Your choice.
> Ed
> (FWIW, I could send you my resume and maybe you'd give my input some credence.)
It's true that I did not like it but I did listen and I put the other 
modem in place but I no sooner set it up to connect with my server than 
it failed.

I'm down to learning how to put a router? in between the #1 & #2 
computers and then connecting it to the ethernet connection on the 
Modem/Router or I'll need to purchase a Wireless card to connect the #1 
computer to the 2Wire.  I have looked on ebay and it looks like I can 
pick up a PCI Wireless 802.11g for less than 20 dollars and I'll likely 
go that way because I just have no idea how to put a four port into the 
system and set it up.

So thank you to each and everyone of you.  I apologize for being such a 
problem.  I'll try to research this 4 port deal but if I fail to learn 
that I'll likeky go with the wireless pci card.
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