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Tue Feb 5 00:27:07 UTC 2008

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Eric S. Johansson wrote:
> 1) in a recent encounter with a large number of government forms, I discovered 
> that Linux PDF viewers as a world, don't measure up.  (Hint, check out Social 
> Security disability forms).  Finally we found a viewer that might work most of 
> the time "PDF viewer 0.1.6" it says in the help menu.
> Problem is, you can't print from it.  Who ever thought of putting up a PDF 
> viewer you can't print from!?  I am about a half a day away from making the time 
> to install wine and Adobe's PDF viewer/printer.  Before I go down the dark 
> route, are there any other alternatives that are bug for bug compatible with Adobe?

did i miss something or does the adobe acrobat reader for linux not work
for you?  add the medibuntu repository then install it from synaptic.
8.1.1 - the latest - is available for gutsy.

>> 2) it took me God knows how many years to break my wife of using mutt.  I think 
>> what did it was her friends sending pictures and her not being able to see 
>> anything except base 64 encoded text.  Anyway, she found evolution unusable and 
>> greatly prefers Thunderbird.  Unfortunately, all the convenience functions 
>> sending a link from a browser don't work correctly.  Sending a link brings up 
>> evolution instead of Thunderbird.  is there anything to do to fix these 
>> problems?  Maybe if I remove evolution and reinstall Thunderbird?

System Menu --> Preferences --> Preferred Applications

change your mail reader to Thunderbird.  that's it.


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