root password?

David Koski david at
Mon Feb 4 16:26:56 UTC 2008

On Monday 04 February 2008 07:31, Derek Broughton wrote:
> Pete Clapham wrote:
> > The root account /is/ enabled, but it isn't given a password, so you
> > can't access it directly.  What you have to do is to sudo passwd root
> > and enter a password.  Since you've zapped your sudoers file, you
> > probably can't do that.  Personally, I much prefer to do a su and know
> > I'm a superuser
> The point is, that you'd be pretty much unique if, having done "su"
> you "knew" you were a superuser.  People do that, and then forget...

I would not call that unique.  There are many distros that have passwords for 
root by default.  Furthermore, the "advantage" of using sudo diminishes as 
one gets used to using it and does so without thinking.  I prefer to be 
mindful about what I am doing using the root account and develop good 
habbits, much like the habbit of saving changes a file editor that date back 
to my CP/M days (after loosing too much work).  Yes, I have done "rm -rf" 
where it recursed to the root directory but I doubt that would have been 
prevented by sudo.

David Koski
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