apache virtual host problem

Karl Auer kauer at biplane.com.au
Mon Feb 4 02:11:10 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-02-03 at 20:40 -0500, Ashley Benton wrote:
> Ok I thought that what I had done but apparently not. What would be
> the address of my server? the IP of the computer over the network
> which is, the which is the hostname or
> something like that or the public IP.

Well, it depends where you are coming from! It sounds like you are on a
single public address, with a network of private addresses behind NAT.
For now, get it working inside your network. The address to use would
seem to be Then make sure at least one machine in your
network can resolve the various site names to that one address. So:

 site1.mydomain.com =
 site2.mydomain.com =
 site3.mydomain.com =

Then test from that machine. This can be the same machine as you have
running Apache, if necessary.

> avoid me to changed all my files again and again for nothing since I
> don' t seem to get the basic which is what is my server address.

Once you get it sorted out, a global search-and-replace will do the job.
Until then, though, you will still have to edit files.

> Yes I have VirtualHost on the first line and
> <VirtualHost > on the second line. Do I need to write it
> somewhere else?

Um, you need to pay closer attention. NameVirtualHost is on a line by
itself, it is a global directive and is not inside angle brackets or
inside any other directive:


Then you define virtual hosts using this:


Note the difference between "NameVirtualHost" and "VirtualHost".

I have no idea what you mean by "first line" and "second line". Please
don't explain, just post your entire Apache config. It's hard to debug
through a pinhole.

Regards, K.

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