Workplace switcher thumbnails

Chris Mohler cr33dog at
Mon Feb 4 02:08:37 UTC 2008

On Feb 3, 2008 5:16 PM, Stew Schneider <stew.schneider at> wrote:
> I've got a Gutsy install here, and multiple installs at one of my
> offices. Here, the workplace switcher shows small icons of the "top"
> program open on each workspace. At the office, Firefox does, but
> Thunderbird doesn't.
> Anybody know how to fix that?

I've noticed that when running compiz (aka "Desktop Effects") if the
window is "hanging off" slightly to one side - that is to say one or
more of the sides extends beyond the workspace - then the icon
disappears from the workspace switcher.  If you maximize the window,
it should "snap" to the workspace, returning the icon.


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