Removing manually installed software

Chris Jones jonesc at
Sun Feb 3 21:32:49 UTC 2008

> No, unfortunately there is no such thing. That is the main reason that 
> people invented package managers. ;-)

One thing you can do is the following, if you want to install a package 
from source, using the usual "./configure ; make ; make install" route, 
there is a neat utility called checkinstall you can use. Basically, in 
the last step, where you would normally run 'make install' replace this 
with 'checkinstall' - This then, instead of actually installing anything 
asks you a few simple questions, and then builds a .deb file for the 
package you just built. You can then install that .deb file like any 
other, and more importantly removing it like any other package when you 

Found out about this recently and its very neat.


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