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> I would like to know whether Ubuntu 7.10 is just as easy to uninstall
> as it is to install. So, if I install it but then decide that it
> doesn't suit me, can I restore to my original XP OS? If so, what do I
> need to do to uninstall it?
> Firstly, When you install Ubuntu , it will auto-configure so that you can
choose either OS (WinXP or Ubuntu) when your PC boots up.
Secondly, you will not need to remove Ubuntu. If you have any configuration
problems, just post the specifics to this list and I'm sure all the list
members will do their best to help you out.

Finally, if you do want to uninstall Ubuntu, you have to enter Windows
Rescue mode using The WinXP CD and from the command prompt type :
With this, the next time you reboot, you will directly boot into WinXP. Then
you just have to Right click on My-Computer, click on Manage, then Disk
Management and then format the partition which has Ubuntu.

Hope you never have to do the above.

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