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I use MindTerm (it's free, written in Java, so runs on just about anything)
Once logged in through SSH, I open 2 tunnels : ports 5801 and 5901 from
remote host to localhost
Then on the Ubuntu machine, I launch vnc (creates a new session) or vino
(logs me into my local session)
Then from my Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac or whatever I have at hand, I just
launch "vncviewer localhost:1"

(:1 and 5X01 imply virtual display :1 on the Ubuntu machine - if your
display is YY then use :YY and 58YY and 59YY)

If your Ubuntu has the java applets for the VNC server, you can open (once
the SSH tunnels are up) http://localhost:5801/ and you get a Java VNC
instead of having to run a locally installed VNC viewer (nice from a

I actually have a web page on my home server on which I serve the
MindTerm.jar applet... so that from any point on the internet, including
hotel PCs, customer systems, cybercafes, I go to my web server and launch
MindTerm, then open the tunnels, then open http://localhost:5801/ and voila,
I'm looking at my machine from a relatively secure connection - that is,
provided there are no key loggers on the cybercafe's machine, which is a
different issue)


On 2/3/08, Dick Dowdell <dick.dowdell at> wrote:
> How can I access my 7.10 desktop over SSH from Window XP Pro?
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