USB Router Support?

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Sat Feb 2 22:41:16 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2008-02-02 at 12:48 -0800, NoOp wrote:
> > Everything you asked is yes.  i am unable to remove the ethernet card 
> > because it is onboard the mainboard and the Cat5e is not connected to 
> > the pouter.  The router has has only the one RJ port and while it 
> > supports over two hundred computers they must all be wireless or HPNA 
> > after this one I'm typing on is plugged in with the Cat5e.  I was not 
> > aware there was a Kubuntu list, I'll need to find that one.

Coming to this a little late and missed the original posting, so this
may be way off base but:

Most little routers with USB and ethernet interfaces support only ONE of
those at a time. That is, you can connect through them via USB *or* via
ethernet, but not both at the same time. The USB port is really there
for what is a typical home configuration, where only one machine needs
access through the router. Very often, one or the other port will
automatically take precedence, so that the ordinary user doesn't have to
configure anything.

To support more than one machine on such a router, you need an ethernet
switch. You connect one port on the switch to the ethernet port on the
router, then plug your other devices into the other ports on the switch.
Means all connected devices must support ethernet.

Regards, K.

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