Changing VT using a command line ?

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Sat Feb 2 12:59:43 UTC 2008

Hi list,

One problem I am having with trying dev version of Ubuntu in a virtual
machine, is that I can't switch VT using the usal shortcuts, as the
host has the priority over the virtual machine.
I seem to remember learning some alternate shortcut in VMware to work
around this problem, but I also remember trying it and finding that it
didn't quite "jsut work".
ALso, I am now using VirtualBox instead of VMware, and I have not heard
of any work around at all.

So I was thinking, is there some linux command I could type at the
command line, that allows to switch VT ?

I don't know something like: $<magic command> VT7 ;-)

No idea if such a command exist, but if I don't ask, I will never
know ! ;-)



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