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> Well, as usual I jumped without looking. I've got a server providing
> shared resources to several people via NFS but the UID's and GID's on
> the various boxes are different, so permissions are all messed up.
> Short of making all the UID's on each box identical, is there another
> way to preserve permissions? If that's the best way, what's a CLI
> solution to dumping a list of UID's and logon names?

Try a google search on

nfs uid mapping ubuntu

For example, from the first hit:

You might need a "mapping" file, and an entry in /etc/exports pointing to
it. Thus, you can "map", for example, a uid of 1000 to a uid of 500, or
whatever is needed.

Alternatively, [depending on your level of paranoia ;-) ], you might find
section 7.7 on the following page, ( referring to white space and its
effect on permissions in /etc/exports) of interest as well:

"INX Is Not X" Live CD based on Ubuntu 7.04 :
Screenshots slideshow:
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