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> Preston Kutzner wrote:
> > Choose "Time and Date"
> >
> > Pick your timezone from the list :)  
> I did that on mine.  The timezone should be London but no matter what I 
> do, it reverts to Guernsey...

If you're not scared of the command-line, you can open up a terminal
and, depending on which version of Ubuntu you're running, you can try
one of the following:

Pre-Gutsy (<7.10)
user at host~:$ sudo tzconfig

Then follow the prompts.

Gutsy (7.10)
user at host~:$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

It's the replacement for tzconfig.  It's ncurses-based so you have a
little bit of a "graphical" interface for it.  Just follow the prompts
to pick your timezone and you should be good-to-go.

Also, if you want to sync your hardware clock to your system clock, you
can run the following:

user at host~:$ sudo hwclock --systohc

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