Linux for audio recording

John Mark Walker johnmark at
Fri Feb 1 19:17:31 UTC 2008

Hi Bart,

Excerpts from Bart Silverstrim's message of Fri Feb 01 10:53:09 -0800 2008:
> Anyone try setting up a Linux workstation for recording something like, 
> say, podcasts?  Could you describe your setup if you have?

Sure - in the past I've used a mini recorder and then transferred it
directly to my Linux laptop via USB. However, I just recently bought a
USB microphone, a Samson C01U, and it seems to work quite well with
Gutsy. For the actual recording, there are multiple choices - I use
Audacity for now, but there are other apps, including
gnome-sound-recorder, which should be installed by default.

> Can you make use of a decent USB microphone to record?  Or more than one?

See above - I don't know what is involved in using multiple microphones.

> What software do you use to mix and edit audio?


> What about recording audio conferences for remote users/guests, like 
> using skype?  Are there other applications for audio/video chat that can 
> be recorded? (I don't know the status of skype on Linux)

You can use things like Skype, Gizmo or their equivalents - I suppose
you could also use Ekiga for that. However, I've never been able to have
a VOIP session without some kind of technical glitch, so what I do is
use my company's conference call service, in this case ReadyTalk. YMMV.

If I recall, there are some things you have to do with Skype on Linux in
order to record a session.


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