Installing a 64 bit OS or keeping a 32 bit OS?

Loïc Martin loic.martin3 at
Fri Feb 1 12:27:24 UTC 2008

Gerald Dachs a écrit :
> But what are the advantages, beside the possibility to address more
> than 4GB memory?
AFAIR, there's a 20% increase in speed on average, for a mixed set of 
applications. If you processor is at 2.6GHz, it's like getting a 
3.12GHz, which mean (considering Intel's pricing for future Quad 
Penryns) getting a 1299$ processor for 266$ - if I remember correctly. 
And if you've already overclocked your processor to 4Ghz, you'll get the 
speed of a 4.8GHz processor, which isn't bad either.

The testings for amd64 where done on AMD processors, but Intel is 
supposed to have caught up with AMD 64bits wise.

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