iRiver plays files in order they were saved

Loïc Martin loic.martin3 at
Fri Feb 1 12:15:26 UTC 2008

Thomas Zander a écrit :
> On 28/01/2008, chombee <chombee at> wrote:
>> Is this a nautilus 'issue'? (nautilus is doing something random to the
>> mtimes when it finalises the transfer). Is there some way around this?
>> Perhaps other file browsers would behave differently.
> No, it's not nautlius. I used to have almost the same crap iriver
> player you do and it always suffered from that issue, no matter if I
> transferred files from linux/BSD/Mac with/without nautilus/finder.
> Imho the only way to get around this is using the "manager" firmware
> and their "Manager" software on Windaz or using ifp-line on unix.
> Riggs
It _is_ a nautilus (or a linux issue, even though I think it could work 
ok with the command line - if anyone has tried with Konqueror, it's 
possible it does thing in a sane way). I tried on a windows machine and 
the Explorer does respect the file order when you transfer a whole 
directory, or a group of files. Only quirk is that if you select a group 
of files, it transfers first the file your mouse is on before the others 
- which my brother, who uses windows, calls a "feature", even though 
it's an annoying one. So for audiobooks, you have to either do it one by 
one with nautilus (useless), use the command line or a script (which is 
a hassle too) or find a computer with windows on it (which can be a pain 

iRiver devices are only one of the cases where this behaviour appears. 
If you transfer multiples files to a directory, and this directory gets 
unmounted during the process, or filed by another process (temp files 
from an application, audacity for example ;) ), you would expect the 
directory to have at least the first few files, so you can start your 
work. No, you have do delete the transferred files, then retransfer only 
the first part of the group of files you wanted.

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