cheap ubuntu laptop with wireless that works right "out of the box".

NoOp glgxg at
Fri Feb 1 00:16:17 UTC 2008

On 01/31/2008 01:29 PM, Default User wrote:

> The Netgear WG511T pcmcia card mentioned worked fine with Ubuntu on the
> 2004 laptop, but the new laptop does not have a pcmcia slot, just
> something new, an "express card" slot.  (Can you say "planned
> obsolescence"?) It seems that many (most? all?) new laptops don't have
> pcmcia slots anymore.  So I can't use that anymore, except on some old,
> used computer that probably wouldn't be usable with Ubuntu 7.10 (and
> 8.04 and beyond!) anyway.  :-(

Can you say 'dinosaur'?

Now I know that I'm *really* out of touch (my laptop is an IBM Thinkpad
A21M w/a screen from an old trashed Dell, and a hard drive from an old
trashed Compaq that someone fried the motherboard on) & the other is a
350Mhz Lapnote (both running Ubuntu). To be honest, I'd not heard of an
"express card" 'till just now... had to go look it up.

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