Flickrfs-How To Use?

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Tue Dec 30 22:35:31 UTC 2008

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Subject: Re: Flickrfs-How To Use?
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Date: Tuesday, December 30, 2008, 3:57 PM

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> I'm trying to download my digital camera photos from Flickr and
don't want to
> do it one picture at a time.-:(  Did some googling and saw 4 programs that
> one to download everything at once one of which is flickrfs but I
can't figure out
> how to do it. The man say to edit the file named config.txt in ~ /.flickr
with the 
> following:
> [configuration]
>         browser:/usr/bin/x-www-browser
>         image.size:1024x768
>         add.default.tag:yes
>         APIKey:f8aa9917a9ae5e44a87cae657924f42d
>         Secret:3fbf7144be7eca28
> Which was already the default config.  So I edited it to read:
> browser:/usr/bin/seamonkey   (my preferred)
> with everything else being the same.
> When I run:
> lchata at UbuntuHardyi386:~/.flickrfs$ flickrfs ~/Pictures -o nonempty
> Authorizing with flickr...
> Authorization complete.
> Sets are being populated in the background. Please wait...
> Sets have been populated. Done.
> fuse: mountpoint is not empty

I assume you have files in ~/Pictures.  You should use an empty
mountpoint, like it says.  Create an empty folder ~/FlickrDownloads,
then run

flickrfs ~/FlickrDownloads

> Since I am in the fuse group and used the -o nonempty option I'm
> a a loss as to what I'm doing wrong or how to get flickrfs to batch
> download my photos from the flickr site.
> Anyone out there using flickrfsw and know how to get it to
> dowmload batch photos correctly to my ~/Pictures dir, I would
> most welcome any clues.  I am not at all sure if ~/Picures is a 
> proper mount point or what is.

That was likely just an example.

Matt Flaschen

Thank you Matt for the very quick and helpful reply.  All my photos
dowmloaded even faster than I could download an individual photo
from the flickr site.  Amasing. I don't understand why the -o nonempty
option didn't work.  So now, I get to copy all the photos to my ~/Pictures
dir to get them all in one place but even so, that's so much easier than
downloading all the pictures one at a time.  You saved me days of work.
Thanks very much,

Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at

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