Recommend a dual head video card

Robert Fitzpatrick lists at
Tue Dec 30 16:26:12 UTC 2008

I have had no luck with either my Matrox or Nvidia dual head cards. The
Matrox G550 does not support the DVI 1440x900 resolution of my monitor
and my Nvidia FX5500 card is completely unacceptable causing high Xorg
cpu usage with every move on my desktop. I did not receive any
suggestions for getting my Nvidia card to work well after a couple of
previous posts, I've tried so many things from different posts and
suggesttions in my xorg.conf, but still no help. So, I am now asking for
any recommendation from anyone who knows of a card that would work well
in my environment.

All worked great with two LCD 17" monitors and my Matrox card for a long
time. One of those monitors died and I bought a new ASUS widescreen and
still struggling to get it to work well. I want to use the DVI input for
my new monitor with the 1440x900 resolution, can some suggest something
they know works well from experience?

Thanks in advance!


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