USB on LTSP 5.0 under Ubuntu 8.04.1

Ernesto Guevara eguevara2012 at
Mon Dec 29 13:55:43 UTC 2008

I am more of a user LTSP 5.0 on Ubuntu 8.04.1, but I'm having some problems,
these are the details:

Server - Ubuntu 8.04.1
Machine - Pentium dual core, 4GB of ram
The terminals have lighter adapter PCchips M571 and M598, all with the USB
cable plugged in front of the cabinet connector which gives support to usb,
the J7 if I am not mistaken.

The problems are:

- When a spit of Pendrive Kingston DataTraveler 2.0 terminals sometimes
mounts and sometimes not, with many attempts, which in tests with only one
machine connected to the server directly with a cable, the problem persists,
when all 20 machines were connected to a switch then this happened again,
the manager of the network has not said the switch configuration and some
that could not cause any problem.

- When the Pendrive spit on the server appears in all the 20 terminals
Pendrive being assembled.(this is not the correct)

- If i put users in the group of my user with powers to root, the icon
appears in the usb client on the server. (this is not the correct)

In lts.conf are the lines:
Module1: "usb-ohci"
Module2: "ehci-usb"

All users are in the group of Fuse.

What I wanted to resolve is the bid of Pendrive that appears for all the
machines and assemble in Pendrive correct terminals and not appear on the
Well, that's it, grateful for the attention of anyone who can help.
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