Offical rwx files taht are in fact --- files!

François Huot frhuot at
Sat Dec 27 15:36:36 UTC 2008

Here is a difficult case: a friend brought me a hard drive from a Windows
that has crashed and it wants to retrieve files. After I connect the disc to
my Ubutu 8.10 with a USB port, I can see the files with the  ls command: the
files are all rwxrwxrwx ... the problem is that when I want to see or copy
these files, I 'm told that I don't have permission to do so, either in
graphics mode (using a file manager) or from the command line (with cp ). I
obviously used chmod command to confirm the rwx attributes of files, but it
is useless... I'm never allowed to see, copy or transfer these files...

Can anyone solve this mystery?

Thank you,

François Huot
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