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Rick Berger wrote:
> I'm running 7.10 on my pc and 8.10 on my laptop. Both are running sshd
> and I've been connecting say from the pc to the laptop using 'ssh -X
> rick at laptop' in a Terminal window. Now from the laptop's prompt in the
> terminal window I type "firefox" and I get one of two possible outcomes;
> 1 if Firefox 2 is already running on my pc I just get another instance
> of it, and 2 if pc is not running Firefox I get Firefox 3 running from
> my laptop displayed on my pc, which is what I want. But then when I
> click on my pc's Firefox icon it runs another instance of the laptop's
> Firefox 3 not its Firefox. Obviously, I or Firefox doesn't understand X
> Forwarding. Can someone explain what's going on? 
Firefox does some funny things checking to see if it's already running.
 To skip this, run Firefox like this and it won't do this checking:

firefox -no-remote

That will let you have Firefox running locally and start a new instance
from the remote machine that doesn't care whether it's already running
or not.

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