MicroSD card mounts read-only

Jason Crain jason at bluetree.ath.cx
Mon Dec 29 21:54:00 UTC 2008

On Mon, December 29, 2008 2:51 pm, darkweasel wrote:
> jackie wallen schrieb:
>> you could try:
>> try something like this:
>> dev/sdc2       /media/card    auto    user,noauto,exec,rw,umask=0000 0 0
>> if that doesn't work do you know what format the card is in? i know it's
>> crazy but if it was formatted on a MAC you'll need to reformat it
>> because Linux has a heck of a time mounting MAC formatted media rw.
> Doesn't work. It was formatted with a Nokia 5300 mobile phone, which
> when formatting also removed all partitions for some reason (but it
> didn't work either when it had one, i.e. as I got it from the factory).
> But I cannot format or partition it from Ubuntu - GParted reports it's
> read-only.

Make sure you are root when using gparted.  A couple more things:  After
you plug in the card, check the last few lines from the "dmesg" command. 
Linux may change it to read only if it encounters errors from the device.

Also try running "mount" with no arguments.  It should show you if the
device is mounted read only (ro)

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