Ubuntu / Window Don't Read Drive the Same

Lorenzo Luengo lluengo at dgeo.udec.cl
Mon Dec 29 18:55:37 UTC 2008

Joseph escribió:
> I had Ubuntu Hardy Heron on a partition on my hard drive.  I wanted to 
> remove it and that particular partition so I could restore the drive to 
> it's 500Gb origins, because there were some complications with them both 
> on the same drive.
> I used the Ubuntu Disk and loaded (not install) Ubuntu and went into the 
> partition manager and removed the E: drive (partition) and then enlarged 
> the C: drive to almost 500Gb.  About 10 Gb is the drive restore 
> partition.  This is what it should be.
> In Ubuntu, it's indeed nearly 500Gb, but when I reboot Windows Vista 
> Home Premium, it still only shows the small restore partition and the 
> old 250Gb C: drive.  Why doesn't Windows "see" the approx 490Gb?  How 
> can I GET it to see that?
Maybe you can try formatting the partition to NTFS or FAT32 using the 
live-cd before trying to install Windows. Maybe windows is not seeing 
the ext3/xfs/reiserfs formatted partition.
> THEN after that's all done, I want to put Ubuntu on a separate drive for 
> this computer....   becuase I STILL like Ubuntu and I think the 8.04 
> version has cured some of my video problems.

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