Gilles Gravier gilles at
Mon Dec 29 08:51:25 UTC 2008


Chris Jeffries wrote:
> I did something stupid with aMSN, which means it stalls on start up, and
> soaks up all remaining CPU cycles (total hits 100% but no other
> processes freeze due to lack of resource as far as I have seen)
> What I did was to set, accidentally, a very large file as a display
> picture.
> Why that is a problem is a question for another list. However, I noticed
> that although I marked aMSN for complete removal including configuration
> files:
> a) The problem still remained
> b) It appeared to remember who I was - ie my login id.
> I had naively assumed that compete removal meant complete removal. What
> am I missing here?
> I have searched Google and the aMSN site, and although I found other
> circumstances in which 100% cycles could occur (relating to ALSA as I
> recall) non seemed to fit this particular bill, and I found nothing
> about incomplete removal.
> I used Synaptic to do the removal and the re-installation

Complete Removal means all the SYSTEM configuration file. Not the USER
configuration files...

What you want to do is remove your $HOME/.amsn directory and start aMSN


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