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Sun Dec 28 12:36:37 UTC 2008

Osman Kemal Kadiroglu wrote:
> Hi,
> About 7 days ago I updated Ubuntu 8.10 on my notebook (Toshiba Satellite 
> A135). Before the update the wireless was working. After the update when 
> I rebooted the computer there was no wireless. When I test ifconfig I 
> get only eth0 and lo. When I click the task bar on the internet 
> connections I do not see ath0 or any wireless. When I run System-> 
> Administration-> Network on the Network Setting I do not see any 
> wireless all I see is eth0 and pan0. How can I correct this?
> Many thanks for your help.
    The updates include a new kernel. The WiFi kernel driver was not 
updated. First try booting on the older kernel and the WiFi will work. 
Collect the name of your WiFi hardware and then get and install the 
driver for the new kernel.



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