New laptop - Fujitsu Lifebook A1110, issues with opengl rendering

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Sun Dec 28 12:22:10 UTC 2008

David Fox wrote:
> My desktop runs a fully functional Ubuntu Intrepid, updated using
> nvidia drivers for comparison purposes. Opengl apps suclledh as
> stellarium and celestia (two apps I have also tried running on the
> laptop on Vista) run fine and there are no display artifacts on either
> the Windows Vista or the Intrepid on the desktop machine that runs an
> nvidia geforce 6100 chipset on the motherboard, using the latest 177
> driver on it as well.
> My new laptop has as its display adapter a Intel Mobile graphics
> chipset 4 - and these same applications run fine on Vista.

    My new laptop HP has the exact same video hardware and I discovered 
Hardy will not even load on this machine. Video problems. But Intrepid 
loaded right up from the LiveCD and the sound problem went away after I 
got full updates. So far everything works on the Intrepid laptop. I even 
got WiFi working.

> They run not as well, sadly, on the Ubuntu 8.10 I install I etdid last
> week and updated everything to latest repositories a few days ago.
> Specifically, I get blocky and incomplete text in stellarium, and
> bleed through from other apps (amarok for instance, it is quite
> noticeabler) in both stellarium and celestia, the two apps I tried so
> far.
    I do not use or even know what these software do. I have OO and it 
works fine and I can watch DVD movies on my laptop.

>  There is some discussion on the stellarium-developers list, which
> leads me to think there may be issues with the intel display driver in
> ubuntu, although I haven't tested this well enough to be sure it's the
> driver and if I should submit a bug report.
    Make sure the bug report is on stellarrium. I can find nothing wrong 
with Intrepid on my laptop.


> Anyone else using this laptop or a laptop with a similar or identical
> video card that can be helpful to me?


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