Writing .iso to USB hdd

Bill Moseley moseley at hank.org
Sun Dec 28 05:12:32 UTC 2008

I've got an old laptop w/o a CD drive.  I have a bootable Puppy Linux
USB flash drive but the laptop won't boot from that, either.

What I do have is a USB-to-hard drive cable.  I removed the hard disk
from the laptop and can use the USB cable to mount the drive on my
Ubuntu desktop.

I used GParted to create an ext3 and swap partition on the laptop

I've got the Xubuntu .iso file.  How can I install Xubuntu onto this
USB-mounted drive?

Do I need to burn it then boot from the Xubuntu CD?  But, will the
installer mount a usb hard drive and use it for an installation


BTW --

Actually, I was able to boot Puppy Linux and use its installer to
write Puppy to the disk, but when the Dell Latitude LS starts to boot
Linux, says it's loading initrd.gz, then something like "Unlzaming
Linux" very quickly then restarts.  So, either the Puppy install is
broken or this Laptop has other issues.

Bill Moseley
moseley at hank.org
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