using scanimage to scan documents

Carl Friis-Hansen ubuntuuser at
Sat Dec 27 07:54:00 UTC 2008

Scott Berry wrote:
> I have a question concerning how to make scanimage always come up with
> the same scanner device.  Right now it's showing that I have a Hauppauge
> TV tuner as a scanner and that's default and what I have is an Epson
> scanner and I am not really sure how to change to the appropriate
> scanner here is what I get when I run scanimage -L:
> device vdl:/dev/video; 
> device epson2:libusb:002:003

So use that information to set the appropriate parameters.
In the following example i sue an alaias so that I can run a command like:
$ scana4 > veryNice.tiff

The alias looks like this:

alias scana4='scanimage 
--format=tiff --mode=gray --resolution=300 -x 210.0 -y 297.0 '

I am a little surprised you do not find the man paged adequate, but hope 
this example may get you going.

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