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Tue Dec 23 23:10:48 UTC 2008

>> OK, then how do you explain the increadible speed of distros like Damn
>> Small Linux with a ram boot? Even big programs like FF run in a blink
>> on my 386 laptop.
> Well, maybe 'cause it's "damn small"?

In both cases we are talking about firefox. How much smaller can you
make it? I give you that being small helps speed.

>> On my amd 64 bit machine stating FF takes time even
>> if I do it 2 times in a row. I want that sort of speed on my much
>> faster desktop!
> You can use strace and compare number of files opened in both cases. All
> the files in your FF profile, add-ons/plugins, libraries etc. It's not
> just /usr/bin/firefox. Do you want all that in RAM disk?...
> You may also experiment with the swappiness setting in sysfs, i.e.
> balance in RAM usage (see, for ex., here:

I have mine set at 10 from the old 60 standard. Maybe I should try 0 or 1??
A good read.

> In practice however a faster hard disk or RAID setup will most likely
> make the biggest difference.

I just got a new drive, I have 2 drives now. One has home and the
other has the rest. Are you saying that RAID would make it even
faster? Would that work when one is a bit older and smaller? They are
both by the same company.

> Sarunas

Douglas E Knapp

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