limiting users to their home directory

Knapp magick.crow at
Tue Dec 23 19:01:39 UTC 2008

> Okay. But I do not see its use if the OP desires this. And what about
> conf files and default desktop files the various window managers use?
> And the system font files?
> Also, if the OP sets the user's default permissions with rwX with no
> permissions for groups and others, except in the case of ~/www
> directories, wouldn't this achieve what he wants to do?
> What I do not understand yet is does the OP want to hide *all* of the
> system from each user or just other users?

What is the point of hiding the system? I mean the users must know
that it is Linux and thus they already have a good idea of what is
there and how it is put together unless you go to all the trouble to
restructure everything. I am not sure what that would get you ether.

I would think the idea was to limit users to areas so that they don't
hurt the base system or other users. Who cares if a users kills all
the files in his own home area? Also a lot of programs have system
level defaults for when there is no home rc file.

Douglas E Knapp

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