limiting users to their home directory

H.S. hs.samix at
Tue Dec 23 17:56:05 UTC 2008

Nick Smith wrote:
> I run a small webserver with ubuntu 7.04 and would like to lock each
> user down to be able to see/edit only files in his directory,
> and disable ssh access.

There have been many responses to this post. I just want to throw
another point of view (if it hasn't been mentioned already).

>From your query above, it appears you want users to not see anything at
all other than their own home. I am not sure this is easy to do, if at
all possible. They will at least have to see (able to read and execute)
the commands they use (ls, rm, mkdir, etc.). So here itself I see some
contradictions in your query above.

However, if this is not a problem, then how about setting the default
permissions of the users' home directory that they are not readable by
any other user at all? Except, of course, their public www directories.

Which bring me to the last point. In your query above, you haven't
excluded these public directories. You do not want users to see each
others' these public directories either? I am sorry but I do not see any
sense in this. Could you please enlighten me what I am missing here?



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