H.S. hs.samix at
Tue Dec 23 01:58:52 UTC 2008

NoOp wrote:
> On 12/22/2008 03:55 PM, Jeff Davis wrote:
>> On Mon, 2008-12-22 at 15:43 -0800, Ray Parrish wrote:
>>> What new Tab feature? I would love to have Tabs in Nautilus. How do I 
>>> activate them?
>> Open Nautilus and then CTRL-T all the tabs you want. :-)
>> Jeff
> *Don't do that w/Nautilus* unless you plan to send a file etc
> to Trash. Ctrl-T is the Trash keyboard shortcut!

Oh boy! What a mess!


What is this going on with Gnome and Ubuntu? First I found out about
Pulseaudio in Hardy, and now this.


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