Ubuntu Help: Ubuntu will not load up porperly

Chadd Monahan Chadd at Chefsusa.com
Mon Dec 22 22:14:00 UTC 2008

Sometimes it says fschk failed, and sometimes it says something else. I 
tried to run fschk by my-self, and it fails. Here is what it does:

c/dev/sda1: Unexpected Inconsistency: Run FDSCK manually.
fdschk dies with exit status 4
 An automatic fdschk of the root file system failed.

 The root file system currently mounted in read-only mode. A maintenance 
shell will now be started. After performing maintenance, press CTRL-D to 
terminate the maintenance shell and restart the system. bash: no job in 
this shell.
 root at user-laptop:~#

Steve Flynn wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 9:13 PM, Chadd Monahan <Chadd at chefsusa.com> wrote:
>> Hi. I have Ubuntu installed on a Dell Laptop that had Windows XP Home
>> Edition and Professional on it. I decided to give this old laptop to my
>> younger brother with Ubuntu on it for his birthday. We used the whole
>> hard drive for Ubuntu, removing Windows. After a week or two, the laptop
>> could not boot right. He turned it on, waited the normal time, saw the
>> Ubuntu boot screen, and after that, it had some error and fdschk could
>> not load automatically. (It was in white text with a black background)
>> It said the administrator had to perform it. I am no administrator, and
>> I need help fixing it shortly. If you need more information, I am here
>> most of the day. I just need it fixed shortly. Thanks!
> We'll need the precise error to assist you. I assume the issue you had
> was that fsck (file system check) found errors on the hard drive...
> Please post those errors.
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