Ubuntu Help: Ubuntu will not load up porperly

Chadd Monahan Chadd at Chefsusa.com
Mon Dec 22 21:13:36 UTC 2008

Hi. I have Ubuntu installed on a Dell Laptop that had Windows XP Home 
Edition and Professional on it. I decided to give this old laptop to my 
younger brother with Ubuntu on it for his birthday. We used the whole 
hard drive for Ubuntu, removing Windows. After a week or two, the laptop 
could not boot right. He turned it on, waited the normal time, saw the 
Ubuntu boot screen, and after that, it had some error and fdschk could 
not load automatically. (It was in white text with a black background) 
It said the administrator had to perform it. I am no administrator, and 
I need help fixing it shortly. If you need more information, I am here 
most of the day. I just need it fixed shortly. Thanks!


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