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Mon Dec 22 16:27:07 UTC 2008

Karl F. Larsen wrote:
> darkweasel wrote:
>> Scott schrieb:
>>> Hi,
>>>      I have been trying to use and like Nautilus for the past month and 
>>> I still find opening up two windows side by side a real pain.  Is there 
>>> anyway I could set up a button to open up one window on the left at one 
>>> address and open up a window on the right at another with a single click?
>>>      I'm just trying to find out a solution until split screen is added 
>>> to Nautilus.
>> Personally, I use Nautilus' spatial mode, which comes at least close to 
>> what you imagine. See 
>> for some 
>> information about this.
>     This is real stupid of me, but others might be as unsure of what 
> Nautilus is, as I was. But then I read this message and I saw it. I have 
> often got things from Places and slid the contents of one page to 
> another. So now I see the complaint is that if you open two things they 
> wind up right on top of each other. I just move the top one off the 
> other to where I can see both, then slide away. It works just fine.

I have an even better solution: Use mc (Midnight Commander). I believe 
it does pretty much what the original poster wants, it has been around 
for a million years and it is feature rich.
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