Shutdown: i must press a key to poweroff.

Carl Friis-Hansen ubuntuuser at
Mon Dec 22 12:33:44 UTC 2008

Carl Friis-Hansen wrote:
> Francesco Bolzoni wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> I own an ACER 7520G notebook, with ubuntu 8.10.
>> Everytime i want shutdown the sistem, if i don't press the enter key the
>> system stay there without poweroff.
>> Yesterday, I forget to do itand system wait for the key for about 4
>> hours. Just after i press the enter key it poweroff.
>> I had ubuntu 8.04 also, but theren't the need to press the key to
>> poweroff.
>> Any suggestion ?
> I noticed the same problem on a Toshiba laptop. I haven't hat the 
> enchantment to actually check the reasons. However, I assume it has 
> something to do with ACPI and a process that will not terminate and thus 
> the criteria for the final halt is missing. I think I would try to shut 
> it down in a controlled way and thereby see if you get a pointer. 
> Something like:
> Remove spash and quet from boot line.
> Diable gdm.
> Reboot
> Login as normal user.
> sudo shutdown -h now
> You might find this at the end:
> * Sending all processes the KILL signal....            [OK]
> * Unmounting temporary file systems........            [OK]
> * Deactivating sqap........................            [OK]
> * Unmounting local file systems............            [OK]
> * Will halt
> halt: Unable to iterate IDE devices: No such file or directory
> [  146.989279] System halted.
> and then we are still sitting there sucking power.
> It is a wild guess, but what if the ACPI powers down the IDE and 
> therefore leaving the OS unable to check if *all* IDE devices really are 
> down?
> At least, if this error message is the same on your computer, it should 
> give us an idea where to search.

Interesting reading:
Some ideas and work arounds in:

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