Running Newly Installed Programs?

Don Jungk rb at
Mon Dec 22 00:17:15 UTC 2008

On Tuesday December 16 2008 2:09 pm, W. D. Allen wrote:
> This from a Ubuntu Newbie...
> After downloading and installing a program, such as RealBasic among
> others, as I browse the folder I can not determine which file I click to
> run the program. How do I determine the file in any program folder to
> start a program running, i.e., the ".exe" file? Also, how do I make a
> desktop icon for that file?
> As I said - a Ubuntu newbie.
> Thanks,
> W. D. Allen

If you haven't gotten an answer yet, The REALBasic executible is probably 
named REALbasic2008. I'm using Mepis, which is "built" on Ubuntu and uses the 
KDE desktop, and I have a "file type" column in the directory windows. For my 
copy of REALBasic, the file type is "executible file". I think this is true 
of all executibles.


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