Open Office problems

H.S. hs.samix at
Sun Dec 21 16:10:10 UTC 2008

Karl F. Larsen wrote:

>     What started out as a download of OpenOffice version 3 for Windows, 
> became a learning experience. I was not aware that the top two web pages 
> were paid for by the scam artist. I need to look at the Firefox from off 
> to the side to see the  color Google adds.

Perhaps you should saturate your display's color a bit. It might be helpful.

>      I was not aware that so many people are offering OO on their web 
> sites. And yes some people will send you a CD Rom for a small charge.

Small charge seems reasonable. If somebody is willing to send you OOo on
a CD for, say, 5 bucks, it is not bad. But asking your for more than $10
bucks and that too only for the discs is IMHO too much.

>     OO is such a good software offered free of cost to all users of 
> Linux, MAC and Windows it will draw scam writers to try and make money 
> on it. That is the way our World is now.

That is capitalism. The objective in today's system is to make money. In
capitalism one can ask for any amount of money for anything. And if the
interested person is willing to pay that amount, good for the seller. It
has to do with willingness of the others to pay, nothing to do with
morals or conscience or good faith; as long as what you are doing is
legal, there is nothing wrong in it. Some people do not like it, even in
the US, the father of capitalism in modern world. But this is just way
it is, at least it was till a few weeks ago when the US govt. started
nationalizing its industry and financial markets.

> Karl


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