Dial Up Modem Driver

squareyes squareyes at internode.on.net
Sun Dec 21 12:21:16 UTC 2008

Bill Taylor wrote:
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> I'm sorry if I was not clear enough.  I downloaded and unzipped
> scanModem and after running it I recieved the following output.  This
> PCI Modem came with the drivers on the disk for Linux.  What I do not
> know how to do is to load the driver.  If it does not work I do not
> expect anyone to cry for me over the matter but I would appreciate some
> help if anyone has any.  Surely, with the thirty-two and the sixty-four
> bit drivers in the folder for linux there is a way to install those
> drivers or to apt-get install them from somewhere.  I need to deliver
> this unit in the morning.
> This is an AMD x64 Dual Core running the 32 bit Hardy version.
> Thanks to anyone that can help.
Hi Bill,
if the CD has drivers, copy the driver from the CD you will need (will 
be a .deb file,)
to your home folder. Open a terminal and type    sudo  dpkg -i "the file 
name of the driver" and press enter
Type in your password and press enter. Driver should install.
Then try what has been suggested to set up your internet connection.
Hope this helps.
Take Care

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